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Episode 26 (25/07/2022):  BCVA’s Kat Hart talks to Jayne Buxton, author of a new book called The Great Plant-Based Con to explore some of the claims being made in the ongoing conversation about plant-based diets and how the debate around health and the environment is being informed.; 



Episode 25 (01/07/2022):  Lisa Morgans, is Head of Livestock at Innovation for Agriculture, an independent knowledge exchange charity, based in the UK. She talks to Kat Hart about moving from mixed to farm practice because of the unique vet-farmer relationships, and how that resulted in a PhD that has in turn inspired a career to help agricultural researchers, businesses, landowners, and farmers to develop the knowledge and technologies that will make modern farming more sustainable, resilient, and productive. They explore the role of benchmarking, discussion and action groups, client clubs, using facilitators, multi-actor farm health teams and sharing knowledge through networks.; 



Episode 24 (09/05/2022):  What are the challenges for today’s farm vet and how do we nurture positive relationships with our colleagues and clients? Former BVA President, James Russell, talks to Kat Hart about how graduating from the RVC in 2002, having been a part of the student cohort called on to help with the challenges of Foot and Mouth, informed his understanding of the relationship between vets and farmers. Having participated in the development of the BCVA’s TB position whilst on Board, he applauds the association for its developing approach to the key issues of the day, such as sustainability and wellbeing. James tells us about being BVA President during a pandemic, liaising with the divisions, the incoming Animal Health and Welfare Pathway, legislative reform, recruitment, and diversity in our profession. He also champions the work of VetLife – did you know there is a regular cohort of 100 people waiting to support our profession via their phoneline?.; 



Episode 23 (23/03/2022):  Kat Hart talks to Rachel Hayton about how QuarterPro offers farm vets an entry level approach to managing mastitis and the ability to create tailored strategies for their clients. She outlines the AHDB free tools and resources that are available and how the BCVA training helps farm vets get the most from QuarterPro (online CPD, just £10 for members, £55 for non-members). Rachel also illustrates the 2021 changes to MilkSure that mean from January 2022 only MilkSure trained vets can provide accreditation to their clients.; 



Episode 22 (02/03/2022):  Sally Wilson, Kat Hart, talk frankly about being a farm vet and planning for a family – what it means for you, your family, your practice, and your clients. We hear how planning, pragmatism and thoughtful consideration can make all the difference.; 



Episode 21 (07/02/2022):  Lizzie Lockett, CEO of RCVS, talks to Kat Hart about growing up on a farm with an ambition to be a vet, and then changing her mind while seeing practice after seeing the emotionally challenging reality. A career in journalism and PR led her to a comms role at the RCVS, and back into a profession she has huge admiration for. She gives us an understanding of the role of the Royal College as a ‘compassionate regulator’ - setting standards and helping our profession to develop and progress.; 



Episode 20 (24/01/2022):  A great interview with BCVA President, Elizabeth Berry, who talks to Kat Hart about her incredibly varied career. Hear about her love of surgery, her passion for high welfare standards, working for change, how an injury led to a desk job and another side of veterinary life and a PhD in bovine mastitis.; 



Episode 19 (12/01/2022):  verbal and non-verbal – Kat Hart talks to Fiona MacGillivray, Director of communications consultancy MacVet Ltd. Having worked as a vet in mixed practice she has seen how understanding communication can lead to more meaningful connections and less frustration. She shares her expertise and says everyone can learn techniques that can lead to genuine engagement with colleagues and clients.; 



Episode 18 (20/12/2021):  Kat Hart talks to George Oikonomou, Professor of cattle health and welfare at Liverpool. George shares his lameness expertise and details about his latest genetics research. Lameness costs the UK dairy industry £250 million a year as over half of UK cattle are affected, so George shows us why prevention and treatment is crucial for so many reasons – and how farm vet engagement is key.; 



Episode 17 (18/11/2021):  Emily Gascoigne is in practice with Synergy, having completed an internship there after graduating from Cambridge in 2012. She talks to Kat Hart about farmer training and the value of it as part of the role of the private farm vet. Discover how we don’t need to be a walking encyclopaedia on any given subject – just sharing the knowledge we have in creative ways will develop client relationships, and build understanding.; 



Episode 16 (15/07/2021):  Kat Hart talks to Sarah Tomlinson and Bridget Taylor about new opportunities for farm vets to feel empowered and how they can engage their clients to better manage bTB. Through CHECS TB Entry Level Membership and the associated BCVA training course, everyone can get a clearer view of the potential risk pathways that give us back control – engaging our clients and fine tuning our approaches to reduce wildlife disease and reduce cattle to cattle transmission with accessible, no-risks approaches to biosecurity.; 



Episode 15 (21/04/2021):  Ongoing education is an inevitable part of vet life and it can be fulfilling as well as career developing. Kat Hart talks to three other BCVA Board members about some of the options for structured CPD available to farm vets. Rebecca Cavill talks about taking on a Cert AVP after three years of graduation and what impact it has on work and life. Sally Wilson describes starting a Diploma after four years as a farm vet and her new role as an external examiner. John Remnant gained his RCVS Specialist status by undertaking the European Diploma, as part of his residency at Nottingham, where he now works and has also completed his PhD. What will your next step be?.; 



Episode 14 (07/04/2021):  Fiona Lovatt is an RCVS-recognised Specialist in sheep health, and a Clinical Associate Professor at University of Nottingham. She talked to Kat Hart about her role as the Farm Vet Champions Clinical Lead – and how farm vet practices can participate in the initiative in order to advance responsible antibiotic use in cattle practice.; 



Episode 13 (03/03/2021):  BCVA Board Members and cattle vets in practice, Kat Hart and Jenny Hull, share their very different experiences of managing the maternity minefield; from working through pregnancy, talking to your practice team and clients about your circumstances, to making important decisions about returning to work.; 



Episode 12 (04/12/2020):  Rob Simmons is a cattle vet from Paragon Vets in Cumbria and a member of the British Embryo Technologies Association (BETA). In this edition of CattleCast, Rob demonstrates how embryo transfer can have a significant impact on the health and welfare of the UK cattle population – and highlights the vital role of highly trained, experienced technicians as part of a vet-led team. This is an important topic at a time when RCVS are considering a recommendation to DEFRA that would see epidurals removed from exemption orders as part of its review of the Veterinary Surgeons Act.  



Episode 11 (23/11/2020):  BCVA Board Member, Colin Mason, highlights the importance of the vet-farmer team when it comes to health planning, prevention and treatment of serious respiratory diseases as we enter what some call ‘Pneumonia Season’.  



Episode 10 (26/10/2020):  Former BCVA President, Professor David Barrett of Bristol Vet School, describes what impact the pandemic is having on students and illustrates what actions vets in practice can take to make the transition into the profession more inclusive and accessible – from offering EMS places where possible, to being an important diversity ally.  



Episode 9 (06/10/2020):  Welcome to this special edition of CattleCast – an occasional addition to this series, where we will bring you highlights from BCVA Congress – talks you might have missed – and the ones you will want to listen to again. In this episode Colin Lindsay from 2018 BCVA Congress talks about Antimicrobial Reduction - Past present and the future - are the days of retail practice over?.  



Episode 8 (16/09/2020):  Sally Wilson offers invaluable, quickfire tips on talking to your farm clients about BVD and Johne’s in order to secure more successful outcomes. This is a great, short masterclass in client communications.  



Episode 7 (28/08/2020):  BCVA Board Member Sarah Tomlinson explores what can we do to play our part and help our clients play their part in creating a bTB free future. She also shares some details from APHA that show the picture since Coronavirus made everything even more challenging.  



Episode 6 (04/08/2020):  Phil Elkins talks about the aims of the BCVA Sustainability Working Group and how, as cattle vets, we can combat some of the criticisms of farming practice and support our clients in creating a more sustainable future.  



Episode 5 (10/07/2020):  Sally Wilson and George Giles talk about how they both started their own businesses within a decade of graduating; the highs and lows – as well as the how and the why.  



Episode 4 (25/06/2020):  A recording from BCVA Congress 2019 of ‘An holistic approach to TB - there’s more to it than just testing’ by Sarah Tomlinson.  



Episode 3 (10/06/2020): BCVA Board member Rachel Hayton offers a useful review of the latest updates relating to Red Tractor; including the scheme to replace physical assessments with live streamed farm audits.  



Episode 2 (28/05/2020): The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the UK dairy industry. In this 2nd episode of CattleCast, BCVA Board member Colin Mason offers this invaluable update for vets looking at dairy farmers’ responses to milk supply chain issues since lockdown began.  



Episode 1 (20/05/2020): Join President, Nikki Hopkins, for an update on COVID-19 resources in this inaugural podcast from BCVA