MilkSure for Vets - 28th September (Crewe)

A one day course suitable for all dairy vets wishing to learn more about the MilkSure course and how to deliver the training to dairy farmers. Vets working in industry and academia are very welcome, as well as practitioners.

Medicine residues in milk is a problem for the dairy industry. Whilst it can be rare in practice to hear about clients’ bulk tank failures, there are around one thousand detected incidents per year. As prescribers of the medicines, vets are key players in ensuring they are used correctly and the appropriate withdrawal periods are understood and adhered to. The MilkSure initiative allows vets to get more involved in this important area of their clients’ businesses, as well as review their own procedures.

MilkSure training for dairy farmers has been developed by Dairy UK in conjunction with BCVA. Dairy UK is the organisation which represents the vast majority of milk processors in the UK. Some new milk contracts (for example Muller) insist that farmers receive the training from their nominated vet within three months of a bulk tank failure. Other processors have an objective that all their supplying farms undergo this training regularly. The new Red Tractor Dairy Assurance Standards (2017) recommends that all farmers receive training in responsible use of veterinary medicines from their vets, with MilkSure training and accreditation cited as an example.

This one day training course for vets will cover:

1. Technicalities of milk residue failures

  • testing methods and industry procedures
  • legislation
  • discrepancies between MRL’s and testing sensitivities
  • cascade use of medicines
  • vets’ legal responsibilities, including when medicines are used under the cascade (off-label)
  • likely changes on the horizon

2. The MilkSure course and training materials

  • how to deliver the training
  • how to develop this service offering to benefit both farmers and the vet practice
  • the procedure from farm registration to training to accreditation
  • the MilkSure website and online test


Speaker Biography

Owen Atkinson, RCVS Specialist in Cattle Health and Production

Owen graduated from Liverpool in 1994 and worked in predominantly dairy clinical practice for 20 years before establishing Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd. He has helped develop the MilkSure course on behalf of Dairy UK, with input from other practitioners and BCVA directors. He has a deep understanding of the practicalities and economics of both dairy farms and veterinary practices. He has a particular interest in vet-farmer interactions and successful communication strategies. This background has been useful in developing a practical training course which has received some great feedback from both vets and farmers who have so far participated.

Wychwood Park Hotel & Golf Club, Weston, Crewe, CW2 5GP
MilkSure for Vets - 28th September (Crewe)


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