BATVA CHECS TB Training a Big Hit

Submitted by bcvaadmin2 on Fri, 02/07/2021 - 13:11

In May CHECS introduced the UK-wide TB Entry Level Membership, focusing on biosecurity ‘basics’ to help farmers reduce the risk of TB breakdowns in their herds. BCVA is now rolling out BATVA - the associated BCVA Accredited TB Veterinary Advisor course – and in its first week more than 50 were enrolled on the course.

This is one of the first online bTB training courses that will truly empower the veterinary team to help their clients prevent future breakdowns.

The BATVA training sits in our suite of courses, all heavily subsidised for BCVA members – at just £10 (£55 for non-members), and entirely online, this makes the training accessible and means you are ready to start reviving your approach to tackling this disease on farm.

As CHECS TB Entry Level Membership is about starting a conversation about risk pathways between veterinary surgeon and farmer, the BATVA course will equip veterinary surgeons with the latest information they need to advise their clients with even more confidence. Unlike other disease control programmes or CHECS TB Herd Accreditation, there is no confirmatory testing associated with Entry Level Membership, so the training also helps to give the veterinary surgeon the right support about the chosen interventions.

Vets who sign off the TB Entry Level Membership declaration will first need to undergo a half-day’s online BCVA Accredited TB Veterinary Adviser (BATVA) training course, available to any qualified vet. There are 6 sections to work through:

Module 1 - Introduction - 45 minutes

Module 2 – Control cattle to cattle risk - 25 minutes

Module 3 – Control cattle to cattle risk (part 2) - 35 minutes

Module 4 – Badger Ecology and the Role of Wildlife in TB - 50 minutes

Module 5 – Practical Measures to Reduce Disease Risk on Farm – 35 minutes

Module 6 – TB Test Contingency Plan – 15 minutes

BCVA headquarters will be alerted to your completed training and quiz, and our office staff will email your CPD certificate. This course accounts for four hours of CPD.

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If you have any questions email [email protected] and a member of the team will help.